Does LA Need An NFL Team Or Will Farmers Field Crop Dust Our City?

Now that the Holiday season is far enough behind us that the lights are down and people have stopped saying Happy New Year, it is time to truly head into the most wonderful time of the year… The Super Bowl.

These next two weeks sweep the nation; bets are made, tickets bought, and dreams fulfilled.

As a resident of LA, the question we’ve been asking for years and years resurfaces:

“When will we get a professional football team?”

Never. LA does not need an NFL team and should not have one.

Here are five reasons LA should not have a team:

1. Where are you from?

Where are you from?” is a common a question as “what is your name?” out here in the City of Angels.

nfl handshake Does LA Need An NFL Team Or Will Farmers Field Crop Dust Our City?

Jim Rogash / Getty Images

Everyone who lives here is from somewhere else. Whether they moved out here for the entertainment industry or the cloudless skies, it is rare to meet someone who was born and raised in LA.

Just walk into a sports bar on a Sunday, and you might as well be cruisin’ the Sunset Strip club with the rainbow of colors your eyes see. In the course of the day, all 30 teams are represented at your neighborhood dive bar.

And even though people have no hesitation about moving thousands of miles away from their family and friends, they won’t give up their sports allegiances quite so easily.

Simply transferring the Jaguars or Chargers to LA is not going to create instant fans! Instead, we’ll see a upcrop of fair-weathered fans and a team in which 3 million people are ambivalent about… unless they’re playing that fan’s hometown team.

Agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Hey, let’s have more people move here!


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