Does LA Need An NFL Team Or Will Farmers Field Crop Dust Our City?

farmers field 3 Does LA Need An NFL Team Or Will Farmers Field Crop Dust Our City?

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3. Weather

Football is a fall sport. Watching a football game outside in mid-October, a chill in the air as the leaves turn all around you is as good as it gets.

We may be glamorizing some idyllic image of the gridiron sport, but that is how football is meant to be enjoyed. Football is not meant to be watched in a desert surrounded by palm trees! The NFL fits perfectly in NY, Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, Green Bay, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Denver.

It doesn’t belong in Miami. It doesn’t belong in Arizona.

It doesn’t belong in Los Angeles.

Agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Is LA just a negotiation point?

  • http://n/a ybobby

    L.A. does need a football team it has one of the largest T.V. markets in the country. So why shouldn’t they have a team.

  • jumpingpolarbear

    Being back the Raiders :)

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