Does LA Need An NFL Team Or Will Farmers Field Crop Dust Our City?

farmers field 4 Does LA Need An NFL Team Or Will Farmers Field Crop Dust Our City?

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4. Negotiating Point

It’s always good to have leverage, and this constant threat to “move to LA” is perfection.

This negotiating point helps other teams get what they want. There are many stadiums in the NFL which desperately need overhauls. The 49er’s Candlestick, the Ram’s Dome, and the Vikings Metrodome make you feel like you are watching a game in a run down convention center.

However, getting the money for the renovations is simple: just bring up Farmers Field. This ultimatum will never tire: “Give us the new stadium or we shall go west and prosper.”

You’ll get the stadium.

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How much will tickets cost?

  • http://n/a ybobby

    L.A. does need a football team it has one of the largest T.V. markets in the country. So why shouldn’t they have a team.

  • jumpingpolarbear

    Being back the Raiders :)

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