Does LA Need An NFL Team Or Will Farmers Field Crop Dust Our City?

farmers field 5 Does LA Need An NFL Team Or Will Farmers Field Crop Dust Our City?

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5. Rich Tix

So we’ve seen the layout for Farmers Field and it looks more like a Beverly Hills Country Club than a football stadium.

Seems there are more box suites than general admission seats. If LA truly gets a team for the first time in 20 years, our guess is ticket prices are not going to be geared to the resident of Rancho Cucamonga, but will instead be targeted to every tier of celebrity.

Farmers Field will become the place to “be seen.” We already cringe at the though of the Kardashian entourage camping out on the 10 yard line. That is not exactly a conducive atmosphere for tailgating and watching a game.

It will become a place that the people in the “secret society of hollywood” treat as their backyard, and will just add to the embitterment and angst of the struggling artist.  And we all know the struggling artists in this town have enough bring them down, without the sadness of not being able to afford tickets to the Los Angeles Jags.

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