Jesus Jones – “Right Here Right Now”


Help! The song had a male voice, maybe from the 90s, the artist name was two words starting with a B & an M maybe, can’t remember though… and I can’t remember any lyrics either  =(
I was wearing a gray dress, black pantyhose, and black sparkly heels! Does that help?


Jesus Jones – “Right Here Right Now”

Hi Tori-

Was it [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]JESUS JONES[/lastfm] “Right Here Right Now”? Let me know.

Tami Heide
Host, writer 93.1 JACK FM

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  • Forgotten Mitchell

    what was the song played last night (friday 1/27) around 8:30pm….just before “boys of summer”…..sounds something like “vial woman” or “bial woman”..pretty hard rock song btw


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