Sh*t [Insert Funny Here] Says: The First Meme Of 2012

We’ve seen the rise of many hilarious memes over the past year. Business Cat made us look at our boss in a new light; Paula Dean Riding Things gave us a good laugh; and Musically Oblivious 8th Grader made us appreciate our listeners more than ever.

Now it’s Sh*t Everybody Says! Let’s have an intimate look at how Sh*t Girls Says rose to fame and started a new trend in exploiting your favorite stereotypes.

The Original:

Sh*t Girls Say

What began as a Twitter feed, Sh*t Girls Say began mocking the pointless, over-heard ramblings of women. Sure, we’d like to think that these menial idiosyncrasies muttered by that drag-dressed dude are exaggerated… but would it be as funny if that were true?

With over 4 million hits in the first week, 2012 had its first viral video. And when something goes viral, it’s only a matter of time before the tributes spring up…

Check out the tributes and parodies

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