Can Madonna Bring Controversy Back To Super Bowl?

89855682 Can Madonna Bring Controversy Back To Super Bowl?

Madonna is the perfect rebound girl: she’s got the security and safety that fans are used to, but she’s also kinda scary and will snap you out of your depressive funk and back into the game.

88822089 Can Madonna Bring Controversy Back To Super Bowl?

Granted, she’s a few face-lifts removed from her cone-clad Blonde Ambition Tour days, but one thing has not changed: the girl knows how to be controversial and entertaining.

We’re talking about someone who has been reviled by the Pope, censored on TV, and even wrote a book! 

And isn’t that exactly what the NFL wants to be? To be relevant again? To have a Super Bowl halftime show that people actually talk about other than to say ‘WTF, really?’. At one time, even before 2004, people cared as much about the halftime show as they did the commercials.


So, while Madonna may not be your cup of fake British tea, she certainly will provide some water cooler talk. Let’s finally get over our past digressions and make some new mistakes. Let’s live again!

Agree? Disagree? Uninterested and only watching for the commercials? Let us know in the comment box below.


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