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It’s Theee Eeend of the World as We Know It (page 2)

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Ames / JPL-Caltech / NASA via Getty Images

Ames / JPL-Caltech / NASA via Getty Images

135292458111 Its Theee Eeend of the World as We Know It

Ames / JPL-Caltech / NASA via Getty Images

5. Use Priceline to get the cheapest one-way ticket to Hell.

Seats will fill up fast.

You better believe William Shatner already has his. And one for every person in his family. If you wanna name your own price, book now. You know prices only go up the closer you get to your travel date.

4. Challenge an alligator to a wrestling contest.

We’ve been told this is what dying feels like. Might as well go down fighting.

3. Watch the entire series of ‘Lidsville’.

Because, honestly, you can’t die without having seen at least one episode. And, it will give you a good idea of what hell is like.

2. Read ‘War and Peace’. In Russian.

Because you will wish the end of the world was coming sooner.

1. Admit it, you like The Bee Gees.

It’s okay, we won’t judge, we’re all in this together. They had tons of #1 songs and top 10 hits. We get it. In fact… don’t tell anyone, but-


Wait, did we leave the coffee pot on?

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