7 Gifts That Will Get You Dumped On Valentine’s

Shake Weight

screen shot 2012 02 07 at 5 44 06 pm1 7 Gifts That Will Get You Dumped On Valentines

The Shake Weight has gotten a bad rap lately. Sure it looks absolutely ridiculous and those commercials are borderline sexually inappropriate, but come on people!

But as tempted as you might be, we suggest you stay away from our favorite underarm fat buster. Even though it comes in pink.

We just think she might get the wrong idea.

(But if you want it for yourself, you can get it here)

Nickelback Boxed Set

Ah the gift of music. Given you have even relatively good musical taste, it can be a thoughtful and moving Valentine’s Day gift.

We hope we don’t need to (but obviously feel compelled to) point out that Nickelback is not, nor has ever been considered good music.

The upside is that their CDs make for some really great coasters. Or pointy little frisbees.

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