Best WTF Sport Ever: Ultimate Tazer Ball

Well now that the Super Bowl is over, here we were like a couple of suckers thinking there weren’t any contact sports to keep us interested…

How wrong we were; Now we have a NEW sport that we can drink ourselves into oblivion to and lose all our money on. Thank the Sports Gods… they’ve finally invented Ultimate Tazer Ball!

tazer ball Best WTF Sport Ever: Ultimate Tazer Ball


We all know tasers are already the most amazing and hilarious invention to date, but combining it with sports? That’s the most badass thing we’ve ever heard.

We won’t bother you with the rules, because we didn’t read all of them anyway. But from what we understand, the defensive team is armed with – you guessed it – tasers.

Now if you’re lucky enough to get the ball, then good for you. But guess what:  you’re the one that’s gonna be tazed.

The defense can also try to physically take the ball from the player by using their hands, but seriously… who’s going to use their hands when they can shock you with a police-grade taser?

Kicking, punching, and biting are considered “impermissible infractions.” But by all means, please shock the hell out of the guy holding the giant inflatable ball. We feel that’s way more affective than biting anyway.

[Source: Ultimate Tazer Ball]


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