Moose Attacks Old Man, Beaten Back By 85 Year-Old Woman

A giant moose attacked an 82 year-old bush pilot, but was bravely beaten back by the old man’s 85 year-old wife.

We say “beaten” because we’re not sure how much damage an old woman can have with a shovel.

moose Moose Attacks Old Man, Beaten Back By 85 Year Old Woman

Things can get a little crazy up in Alaska. We hear people tend to freak out when there’s little to no daylight for about 6 months.

Apparently animals aren’t immune to it.

George Murphy, 82, was outside with his dogs when the monster moose spotted him and charged. Murphy tried to get into his truck, but 82 year-olds can’t move very fast, so he dove into a snowdrift to protect himself.

Haven’t you heard? Moose are like Tyrannosaurus Rexes… if you lay still in a snowdrift they won’t eat you!

Not to be fooled, the moose started stomping on the old man (that’s just how they show you they love you). When his wife heard the commotion, she ran out of the house with a shovel and started swatting at the moose.

At 85 years-old and 97 pounds, we’re impressed she could even lift a snow shovel.

After getting softly patted with the shovel, Bullwinkle then left to find someone else to play with.

Poor guy.

[Source: USA Today]


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