Sasha Baron Cohen Spills Kim-Jong Il’s Ashes on Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars

oscarssss Sasha Baron Cohen Spills Kim Jong Ils Ashes on Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars
Photo Credit/E! News

The so-and-so annual Academy Awards were last night, live from the Chapter 11 Theatre in Hollywood. (as Billy Crystal so eloquently put it)  Usually the biggest moment of the night is reserved for the Best Picture announcement but since that went to some black and white French film about poodles or something, there was an opportunity for somebody else to steal the spotlight. And Sasha Baron Cohen was that somebody.

Sasha Baron Cohen, better known to most of you as Borat, is set to unleash his next comedic face-rape of a movie entitled the Dictator, in theaters May 11th.  And to promote said movie he showed up at this years Oscars in full dictator regalia.  And just like everyone else on the Oscars red carpet, Cohen spent a few minutes with Ryan Seacrest. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand then this happened….

You know. It’s reaaaaal easy to take shots at Ryan Seacrest. Everybody does it. But you gotta admit,  Seacrest took it like a man. AHEM.


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