Man Has Heart Attack At Heart Attack Grill

In a news story that no one could have ever predicted, a person eating a “triple bypass burger” at the Heart Attack Grill in Vegas… had a heart attack.

It’s pretty lucky that the entire restaurant is full of nurses! Oh wait. Those are waitresses dressed up as nurses?

Those patrons are screwed.

sexy nurse Man Has Heart Attack At Heart Attack Grill

Peter Brandt / Getty

To be fair, there’s a warning when people enter the place. Something about how they might die if they eat the food. But we’re pretty sure no one has ever taken that seriously until now.

But come on–how do you say no to a butterfat milkshake, non-filtered cigarettes, and “flatliner” fries?

Not to mention four different burgers, each rated on a scale of one bypass to the quadruple bypass burger.

Thankfully the man survived the heart attack, but not before his sweaty, chest-clutching photo was taken by fellow patrons at the Grill.

Irony trumps humanitarianism every time.

[Source: Yahoo]


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