Who’s The Most Famous Person Born On Leap Day?

Who?  Who could it possibly be?

At Jack FM, we scoured the internets for hundreds of thousands of hours for the answer to this question…

Okay, we lied.  We didn’t pour in the hundreds of thousands of hours.  We simply went to the Wikipedia page and looked at notable births.

And the only person who was on that list that we recognized?  It was none other than….

Ja Rule. In 1976. Bicentennial baby!

Yep.  American Writer, Actor, Rapper and Jack FM Artist Ja Rule.

How about that?

So, in honor of Ja Rule being born today and junk, how about we make him the impromptu Old Skool Joint of the Week?

Ja Rule – “Holla Holla”

[metrolyrics artist=”ja rule” song=”holla holla”]


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