L.A. Angels DON’T Ban Alcohol Because Los Angeles Is More Awesome Than Boston

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs Baltimore Orioles

File this under the “Suck it, Boston” file!

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will continue to allow beer in their clubhouse, because reportedly, beer rules.

[pullquote quote="We haven't experienced things here that would significantly alter anything about our in-house policy" credit="Mike Sciocia, Angels Manager"]

Unless you were hiding in some cave or whatever, you most certainly heard the Boston Red Sox committed one of the greatest chokes in sports history by giving away a 9 game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays that they held on September 4th.

The result was the Red Sox missing the Playoffs and firing a manager that helped them end an 86 year World Series drought (and won ANOTHER World Series in 2007).

But the Red Sox had to blame this on something.  So what did they blame it on?  Clearly, they took Jamie Foxx’s advice-

Jamie Foxx – “Blame It On The Alcohol”

Personally, I would have taken Milli Vanilli’s Advice-

Milli Vanilli – “Blame It On The Rain”

But what are the Angels to do after NOT choking away an insurmountable lead?

Apparently, spend about $300 million on some new players and keep the clubhouse AWESOME.

Said Mike Sciocia (courtesy of the LA TIMES)We’ve never really had an issue. It’s about responsibility. We haven’t experienced things here that would significantly alter anything about our in-house policy.”

Sounds about right to me.

Pitcher Dan Haren agrees “Nothing like that [Red Sox incident] has happened here. Not that Francona runs an easy clubhouse, but Scioscia is really strict. I would be scared to do something like that.”

Stay Thirsty, My Friends.

[Source: LA Times]

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