Rock Alert: Follow The Daily Route of Hollywood’s 340-Ton Rock Star

What weighs about the same as 17 city buses and will be rolling through the streets of LA?

A giant freakin’ boulder.

Heading from a quarry in Riverside County, This 11-day monumental undertaking is scheduled to travel from 11pm-5am during its trek across Southern California, finally coming to rest as a part of an installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

So how the hell do you move something like that through ones of the busiest cities in the world? With a really strong truck, some overnights, and a very carefully planned route.

“The Rock” will roll through four counties and 22 cities.

As a part of the “Levitated Mass” series at LACMA, the monster rock will rest on top of a 456-foot long slot, making it so that patrons can walk underneath the beast and touch it. You know, for all those people who’ve never touched a rock before.

We can only hope that it doesn’t go all Indiana Jones on us.

And because we’re nice, we’ve given you the map of its journey so that you can avoid it… or if you want to attempt to hijack it.

Click here to follow each leg of the tour

[Source: LACMA and Speakeasy]


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