Tom Petty – “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” [Lyrics + Music Video]

Hi Tami

It was a male singer….. some harmonica….. some lyrics were last dance with mary jane?????????

Also, I finally saw the face behind the voice…..that guy cracks me up……..great job guys…..rock on!


Hi Robert-
Sounds like TOM PETTY “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”.
Many people think it’s called “Last Dance With Mary Jane”.
Sorry for any inconvenience, thanks for listening.
Tami Heide
Host, writer 93.1 JACK FM

Tom Petty – “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”

[metrolyrics artist=”tom petty” song=”Mary Jane’s Last Dance”]

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  • remiel marcus

    why put it up??????????? where’s the sorry for the inconvenience???????i still have the email

  • micah sophia

    he surely does work in mysterious ways got one decoded recently…………..

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