Jack’s Muscle Madness: The Schwarzeneggers, Round 1

You’re viewing The Schwarzeneggers
for Jack’s Muscle Madness.

Voting for Round 1 ends Friday, 3/16 at 5pm.

Each muscle maniac is paired up. You decide who moves on to Round 2. Don’t forget to visit the other brackets or else… after all you ARE dealing with some of the strongest Jack FM listeners!

Matchup 1

Matchup 2

Matchup 3

Matchup 4

Matchup 5

Matchup 6

Matchup 7

Matchup 8

Click to vote on The Van Dammes
van dammes Jacks Muscle Madness: The Schwarzeneggers, Round 1

Click to vote on The Stallones
stallones Jacks Muscle Madness: The Schwarzeneggers, Round 1

Click to vote on The Ferrignos
ferrignos Jacks Muscle Madness: The Schwarzeneggers, Round 1

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  • Colleen

    Ken Cooper gets my vote! Good luck to Jerri’s boyfriend!

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  • jay jansen

    well some didnt make my cut …. some move on to the next round …. good luck !!!!

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