Easy Foods to Throw up on St. Patty’s Day

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We know lots of preparations go into this holy day of binge drinking known as St. Patrick’s Day.

But did you know it’s also our birthday? Hooray for being 7! That’s old enough to drink… in dog years…

But prepping for the holy duo-inity is tough – should you wear any green crap? Should you start out the day with shots? Will you finally get over you fear of leprechauns playing Oingo Boingo this year?

But the most important question of all: What foods can you eat that will be easy to puke and rally?!


spaghetti small Easy Foods to Throw up on St. Pattys Day


It’s bland, it’s soft, it’s squishy… it’s perfect to painlessly ralph up on St. Patrick’s Day. And we’re no scientists (yet), but we’re pretty sure the starch or carbs or whatever soaks up alcohol, giving you more drinking powers!

We recommend eating it without the sauce…saves you some mess.


french fries small Easy Foods to Throw up on St. Pattys Day


Again with the bland, starchy thing. And we all know that the Irish love potatoes, so you can feel like a legit drunken Irishman when you’re puking these spuds up in your neighborhood strip club…er…pub.

Chicken Noodle Soup

soup small Easy Foods to Throw up on St. Pattys Day

ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images

One, it hydrates you before your massive binge drinking fest.

Two… you got it… bland.

Three, chicken noodle soup reminds of love and warmth, and we can’t think of a more pleasant feeling to throw up.


bread small Easy Foods to Throw up on St. Pattys Day

PAUL J. RICHARDS / AFP / Getty Images

Now you want to be careful with this heavy stuff. Seriously. Eat too much and you won’t have room for green beer… which would basically be the worst thing that could happen to you that day.

Easy to throw up, but don’t get greedy. We think one bread slice to 4 beers is a good ratio.


marshmallows small Easy Foods to Throw up on St. Pattys Day

TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty Images

Wow, it took us 5 tries to spell that word correctly.

These little pillows of joy will not only taste great going down, but then you’ll get to relive that gooey sweetness later in the day when they come back up! As long as you don’t put hot sauce  on them, marshmallows are a safe bet for your St. Patty’s Day drinking.

We think. Don’t quote us on this last one.

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