Woman Fakes Mental Illness To Avoid Jury Duty

We’re pretty good at faking it.

But a 57-year old woman in Denver has us rethinking that tactic.

After faking a mental illness to get out of jury duty a la Liz Lemon, the woman now faces perjury charges.

After showing up to the courthouse disheveled and wearing mismatched clothing, Susan Cole proceeded to say she had PTSD from being in the military.

Conveniently she also told the judge that the military “lost” her file, so there wasn’t anything to back it up.

Now we didn’t we think of that!

It’s really a great lesson to live by. If you’re going to lie in court, just tell the judge that the military lost whatever it is you’re lying about, and they HAVE to believe you!

The best part of this story? The chick was talking about her fib on a local radio show, and the freakin’ judge from jury duty was listening!

Can you say busted?

So on second thought, maybe we won’t take lessons in faking it from her.

[Souce: Yahoo]


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