Things You Should Not Spend $1000 On – National Frozen Food Month Edition

President Ronald Reagan declared March 6, 1984 as National Frozen Food Day!

But why should we only be able to enjoy Frozen Food one day out of the whole year? Obviously, the only way to properly celebrate this momentous occasion is to spend $1000 in JACK CASH on a frozen food buffet for you and a bunch of your friends to eat ALL YEAR LONG.

Stouffer’s is easily the most famous of the frozen food brands. We burn the roofs of our mouths on their French Bread Pizza and Macaroni & Cheese pretty regularly. However, the clear choice for a frozen smorgasbord is slightly  lesser known: Skyline Chili’s “Chili Spaghetti”.

skyline chili Things You Should Not Spend $1000 On   National Frozen Food Month Edition

(source Skyline)

Apparently eating putting a pound of chili and a pound of cheese on top of spaghetti is appetizing.

And aren’t you in luck? We found the an industrial-sized Chili Spaghetti kit for your frozen food buffet: 12 frozen packs of chili and spaghetti, three 1 pound bags of cheese, 3 boxes of Oyster Crackers, 2 bottles of hot sauce, and 32 peppermint patties. All for only $100!

You could get 10 of these things and feed your entire neighborhood!


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