Tania – Meet Your Muscle Madness Finalist

Get to know your Muscle Madness finalists a little bit better.

Name: Tania

City: Simi Valley, but from Kestenholz, Switzerland.

About: I like to work out at the mecca of course!! Golds Gym, Venice.

7 tania 2 Tania   Meet Your Muscle Madness Finalist

My biceps measure a whopping 13.5″. I love doing lat pull downs, military presses, and squats. Not necessarily in that order… As for supplement additives, I use Glutamine, Creatine, Leucine, beta-alanine, L-Carnitine-l-Tartrate, Protein.

Favorite Body Part:
My Shoulders

Fitness Icon: I think Erin Stern has the best physique. We are also roughly the same height and build. She is my inspiration.

  • david

    ohhh ! Tania ! you got this won. by a land slide.

  • Yen Tang

    Love Monica!!! She’s just incredible! Beautiful face, amazing physique, great work ethics. She’s got the total package.

  • http://jack.radio.com/2012/03/30/jacks-muscle-madness-winner-announced-tomorrow/ Jack’s Muscle Madness Winner Announced Tomorrow!

    […] a last minute glimpse at Tania, Monica, Evan, & George! var OB_permalink= […]

  • Evan

    I think I owe you a ride…

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