“Cooking With Poo” Gets Voted Strangest Book Title

Our sense of humor is two things: warped and immature.

Which means fart and poop jokes get us rolling on the floor.

So when Cooking with Poo by Saiyund Diwong got voted this year’s strangest book title, we may have wet ourselves a little.

We take things at face value, so naturally we thought this was a cooking book where poop is the main ingredient. Giddy with excitement, we hopped online to find a copy (it sounds like the perfect food experiment to try with our intern).

Imagine our disappointment when we found out there’s no poo involved at all.

The 114-page cookbook is actually a guide for cooking with crab. “Poo” happens to be Thai for crab.

And the nickname of the author, apparently.

But still… that title is priceless.

So it looks like the Poo Pot Pie and Crunchy Poo Delights we were planning just aren’t going to happen. Because unfortunately for the intern, we don’t touch crab.

[Source: MSNBC]


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