Essential Classics For The Stoner’s Holiday

As April twentieth (everyone’s favorite day) approaches, one must keep in mind how to prepare for an event of this magnitude. An ambience of 420 related paraphernalia must be at hand.

And by paraphernalia, we mean movies and music, relevant to the occasion. You quite possibly could be sinking deeper and deeper into a couch as the day rolls on. Utilize the following tools provided. Viva 420!

As we oh-so-gracefully lead into this obscure national holiday, it happens to be on the brink of one of the biggest medical marijuana scandals that is occurring. The medical marijuana trade school, Oaksterdam, has been busted. A stoner revolt could soon take initiation. In the meantime, take some valuable lessons from those that made their way to fame via Mary Jane.

Cheech And Chong’s Next Movie: Part Two

Half Baked

Dazed And Confused


Grandma’s Boy

Pineapple Express

Gremlins 2: The New Batch… Because someone had to be stoned when making this.


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