Ted Nugent Freaks Out And Offers Sexual Favors During CBS Interview

Today on CBS This Morning, Ted Nugent sat down for his first TV interview since his controversial comments about The President at an NRA convention in St. Louis prompted a Secret Service investigation. CBS’s Jeff Glor visited Nugent’s Texas home to discuss his meeting with the Secret Service and his political activism.

Nugent told Glor that the meeting with the Secret Service went well, and described his conversation with the agents, which he said lasted 35 to 40 minutes: “‘Hey, Ted, good to meet you thanks for giving us the time, we appreciate you responding to our request’ and I said ‘I appreciate it back because you guys are following up on your professional responsibilities even though you’re reporting to complete idiots who you should probably be investigating,’ I think I alluded to that. There was a slight smirk, a good natured one… (To Glor) Like yours right now. And they sat down and they asked, ‘Did you threaten anyone?’ And I said, ‘Never. Couldn’t, Wouldn’t, I wouldn’t waste my breath threatening.'” He added, “In fact, I gotta tell you that I don’t mean to put any professionals on the spot. And I don’t have the greatest hearing, but I think I heard after answering whether I threatened anyone, I thought I heard something to the point of, ‘We didn’t think so.'” Glor asked him if the agents actually said that, and Nugent responded, “Something like that.”

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Nugent voiced his disappointment that his upcoming concert for the military had been cancelled, saying, “I was really let down that political correctness has any role at all in the military.” He also discussed his endorsement of presidential candidate Mitt Romney, saying that the campaign expressed support for his statements. Nugent then said “Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing… I have to say what I say the way I say it.”

Later in the interview, Nugent lost his cool while defending his character (seemingly unprompted), which included an outburst towards Glor and an off-camera female producer, saying, “I’m an extremely loving and passionate man, and people who investigate me honestly without the baggage of political correctness ascertain the conclusion that I’m a damn nice guy, and if you can find a screening process more powerful than that, I’ll s*** your d***, or f*** you… how’s that sound?”

After the package ran, CBS This Morning host Charlie Rose asked what prompted the outburst, and Glor said he didn’t know. He did report that Nugent’s wife later forced him to apologize for his tantrum. Glor said that Nugent did apologize, and that he personally called Glor on the phone yesterday to inform him that he went to the emergency room shortly after the interview, and had a kidney stone removed, as a way to explain his behavior during their conversation.

–Brian Ives, CBS Local

  • littlerascal

    a kidney stone, that’s the best he could do? the guy’s bi-polar or at least manic. and as far as rock and roll star is concerned, well, one hit wonders never made it to rock and roll star in my book. i mean the guy has to rant and rave for anyone to take notice of him… he’s got the howard stern playbook and he’s running it step by step

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  • blackyb

    He made a fool of himself. He makes me sick and I am a conservative. These entertainers are base, crass and think they are cute. They are disgusting.

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