While Denver Flops, Lakers Hit Shots

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flop While Denver Flops, Lakers Hit Shots

Yes, the Lakers dunked the Denver Nuggets in bbq sauce last night on their way to a 92-88 Game 4 win to take a 3-1 series lead but more people are talking about the flop heard round the world. Take it away Danilo Gallinari….if in fact that is your real name…

Check out the world greatest flop. Soccer players and Keanu Reeves would be so, so proud….

Good thing the ref’s weren’t buying your little Academy Award shilling performance there Danilo. And while you writhed around on the floor like 4-year-old at a Toys R Us, Ramon Sessions put a three-point dagger in the Nuggets season. Well done guy.

And for your flop-tastic performance last night Mr. Gallinari, I dedicate the following song to you. Enjoy your offseason. Jerk.


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