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Top Ten Strongest Men in The World

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China Photos / Getty Images

China Photos / Getty Images

So you think you have abs of steel and chiseled biceps? You’ve got nuttin’ on these infamous strong men.

They lift refrigerators and pull semi trucks at the drop of a hat and make it look easy!

Their man caves are probably full of barbells, brewskies, and babes.

Can you compete with that?

10. Ronnie Coleman: Body Builder, 1964-present

At  5’11” weighing 300 pounds, Coleman has won the Olymia bodybuilding competition a whopping eight times! He is undoubtedly one of the strongest men in the world.

9. Paul Anderson: Weightlifter, powerlifter, showman, 1932 -1994

Not to be confused with Paul Thomas Anderson, director of Boogie Nights, this 5’9″, 350 pound Olympic super-heavy weightlifting gold medal winner was rumored to have squatted 1,200 pounds! That’s like lifting 4 Shaquille O’Neals at once!

8. Leonid Taranenko: Weightlifter, 1956- present

This Russian gold medalist set 2 world record for lifting in 1988; 585 pounds and 1,045 pounds. At 6′ and 321 pounds, Taranenko’s records still stand today!

7. Andy Bolton: Powerlifter, 1970 – present

This brute Brit is the current world record holder in both the squat (1,213.63 pounds), the deadlift (1,003 pounds), and the total for the three powerlifting moves (2,806.45 pounds). Weighing in at 340 pounds, he is the only man in history who has deadlifted 1,000 pounds. His goal is to lift 3,000. Ouch!

6. Brian Siders: Powerlifter, 1978 – present

This 6’2″, 345 pound youngster has personal bests of  975 pounds in the squat, 744 pounds in the bench and a deadlift of 826 pounds. This totals 2,529 pounds! Siders prides himself on achieving these feats without the use of performance enhancing supplements.

5. Louis Uni a.k.a. Apollon: Strongman, 1862 – 1928

Height 6’3″ Weight 260 pounds

Known as the world’s first strength athlete, this 6’3″, 260 pound behemoth was known for his great pulling power, grip strength and large hands. He is rumored to be capable of lifting bars over his head that others couldn’t even budge. A legend among manly men, he also had a mustache to rival Tom Selleck’s.

4. Vasyl Virastyuk: Strongman, 1978 – present

Height 6’2 3/4″ Weight 350 pounds

The first person to ever claim the world’s most strongest man in both the IFSA World Championship and MET-Rx’s World’s Strongest Man competition, Virastyuk is only 29 years old! At 6’2″, 350 pounds, he’s currently a track and field coach and member of the Ukranian national shot put team.

3. Bill Kazmaier: Powerlifter, strongman, 1935 – present

You want manly? This 6’3″, 330 pound winner of the 1980, ’81 and ’82 World’s Strongest Man contests was actually barred from competing for several years! Why? Not steroids or human growth hormone. The judges just wanted other competitors to have a chance to win!

2 Mark Henry: Weightlifter, strongman, wrestler, 1971 – present

You may know him as a WWE fighter now, but Mark Henry began as a champion strongman!  6’1″ Weight 410 pounds

At one point, this 6’1″ , 410 pound giant held both the U.S. weightlifting and powerlifting super-heavyweight championship titles at the same time. He also has the  greatest combined weightlifting/powerlifting total in history.

1 Zydrunas Savickas: Powerlifting, strongman, 1975 – present

This six-time winner of the Arnold Strongman Classic, this 6’3″, 385 pound legend has broken three world records and is only 32! He’s widely considered one of the strongest men who has ever lived.

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