Trent Reznor Creates Soundtrack For Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

No stranger to gaming, Trent Reznor has jumped into the space, creating memorable music for id Software games Quake and Doom 3.

Reznor speaks excitedly about this teaming with Treyarch, the creators of Call Of Duty series. “I have always looked to that franchise as the cutting edge of what seemingly unlimited budgets and full-on not cutting any corners can do in the current day and age,” he says in an interview with USA Today. According to the Nine Inch Nails frontman, the latest edition in the Coldwar series is darker then the two previous games. “It didn’t make sense to have a gung-ho patriotic feeling kind of theme song. It has to feel weighty.”

With the game’s score behind him, Reznor will return to his work with wife Mariqueen Maandiq on their project How To Destroy Angels as well as a new release from Nine Inch Nails.

–Jay Tilles, CBS Local


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