Yelp Reviews By Real Actors

We’ve all read our fair share of rage-driven Yelp reviews. The emotion that is infused into these passionate rants and raves typically stems from outside sources.

For example, your beloved pug just ran away so you want to take your anger out on harmless little restaurants who are just trying to make it by in this tragic economy. Or maybe someone cut you off on the 405 so you held the dissatisfaction inside your soul all day, to release onto the poor sales girl who doesn’t have the personality for retail but needs to pay her way through college.

Or on a brighter note, the tandoori shrimp you ordered was such an aphrodisiac that you could not contain your foodgasm, and had to share it with the world wide web.

Whatever the reason for opinion sharing, it is precisely depicted by the following actors, and you better not yelp review this article.


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