Jacked Up News: Man Orders Bowling Ball Urn For Ashes

For all the hippies who require guests to wear tie dye at their funerals, you’ve officially been one-upped.

A man from the Pittsburgh area requested the Utah company “Storm” to construct a bowling ball urn for his ashes. Tony Guarino is a victim of prostate cancer that has spread to his lower back and pelvis, restricting him from the ability to bowl any longer. What better way to keep the legacy alive?

Guarino, of Wilkins Township, has been a long time bowling fanatic. According to Huffingtonpost, he bowled his only perfect 300 game, using a bowling ball made by Storm. Guarino’s passion for bowling will never perish as he has chosen to keep his final remains in none other than a bowling ball. Now that’s loyalty.

Storm company official Mike Stewart claimed that the company was honored and delivered Guarino with the custom bowling ball urn.

Long live bowling!

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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