Here Comes The iPhone 5, All Dressed In White

September 21st people. That’s all you need to know.

The electronic square thing that talks, now contains the souls of all that have converted to it.

Guess what else, the fifth edition of this gadget that probably was the distracting cause of your break up, will be causing quite the scene at Apple stores on September 21st.

All Hail the day when you can finally watch Caddyshack for the 73rd time, on a prestine screen.

Wanna know how much this mechanic device controls the lives of humans? According to huffingtonpost, Verizon and AT&T retail employees will be denied late-September holiday requests, due to the launch of the iPhone.


If you aren’t able to fetch this new iPhone 5 the day of its launch, don’t get your panties in a bunch. There’s always walkie talkies!

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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