Man Shoots His Son For Sucking At Karaoke

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Next time you get stuck in a dive bar with a bunch of Journey-belting dorks that look like they’re from the cast of Glee, but sound like mating mules in a canyon, suck it up, suck down your vodka tonic, and get out when you can.

Otherwise, you might go mentally deranged like a California man who was arrested for attempted  murder when he shot his son for singing piss poor country karaoke.

In an act of epic curmudgeon proportions, William Carr Oller Sr. got into a fight with his 50-year-old son for his bad singing, grabbed a semi-automatic pistol, and shot his son in the arm after saying something to the effect of “I’m gonna shut you up” says reports.

He was sentenced to time served in jail and given informal probation which we hear is some sort of awesome probation where they just let you free, basically, and you don’t have to report to a probation officer.

We aren’t condoning violence–VIOLENCE BAD!!–but we kind of feel for this old man. Have you heard JACK FM try to sing? Ummm, the only time JACK FM should be allowed to sing is if it’s solo. Like, so low we can’t hear.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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