Why Do Yoga When You Can Eat A McRib Sandwhich?

To add to the list of pointlessly gross but decidedly delicious things that McDonald’s gets the human race to mindlessly consume, the fast food chain likes to debut its infamous McRib sandwich around autumn. Something about falling leaves and a crisp breeze makes Americans crave meat that tastes like cardboard covered in mediocre BBQ sauce. Yum.

Another “benefit” that McDonald’s probably hasn’t listed is that your McRib may be a valid replacement for your yoga mat. Why’s that? Because the McRib sandwich contains some of the same chemicals that the average yoga mat does like azodicarbonamide–an additive banned in Europe and Australia.

As a whole, the much-heralded sammie contains 70 ingredients says an article for Time Magazine’s Healthland blog. Who knows what exercise items those replace. JACK FM is willing to find out.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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