In Honor Of R-October, We Give You The Pumpkin Dance!

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(Photo by Tim Sloan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Tim Sloan/Getty Images)

True, it’s about seven hundred thousand degrees in Los Angeles right now, but guess what? It’s actually fall, folks!

October is one of our favorite months because we get to dress like the freaks we are all month long and just blame Halloween for our secret dress-like-a-barista fetish. Something about those dark green aprons and completely disinterested smiles that really stimulates us. Or it’s just the triple Americanos.

To celebrate October Rocktober, we give you the infamous dancing pumpkin. He puts all of our drunken cider/ apple bobbing dance skills to shame, plus he’s wearing a JACK-o-lantern on his head.

Right on, dude. Way to (accidentally) represent JACK FM. All of us would be too lazy to actually do something that awesome here.

Happy JACKtober!

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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