JACK FM Gets Into the Walking Dead Spirit

REJOICE!!!! AMC’s the Walking Dead returned to us this past Sunday with a glorious and blood filled premiere. (According to research we had a total zombie body count of 65) And while JACK FM’s zombie bloodlust can only be slaked for so long, we did get a couple of zombi-fied calls into 866-931-JACK which we turned into the following….

AWWWWWWESOME. Thanks to whomever those callers where. You had a hand in this magic.

The rest of us cant wait for Episode 2 on for this Sunday at 9pm on AMC. (or 6pm if yer one of them fancy folks with them east coast feeds)
If you missed any of the trailers for season 3 and want to half-way know what to expect out of this season, here is one of the many trailers for this season of the Walking Dead.


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