Santa’s Stuffing Stockings A Little Early This Year Via Pantless Man

Ho-ho-ho and Merry Chrismakkuh! Santa is starting a little early this year, only he’s masquerading under the moniker and visage of a loony tunes 60-year-old man from Indiana named Timothy Stephens who broke into someone’s house and was found with no pants.

And wearing their child’s Christmas stocking on his left, right, not his right, foot says CBS Local in Chicago.

The old coot, obviously a eggnog drunken cohort of Mr. Claus who was checking to see if there child was indeed naughty or nice, opened the door and told the cops that he lived there. He had moved things around but not taken anything and had messed with the trash.

What wasn’t reported was that it was Rudolph who was rummaging through the trash looking for some Thanksgiving leftovers.

That flight from the North Pole can make even the most athletic reindeer hungry.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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