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Best Nachos In Los Angeles? We’ll Be The Judge Of That.

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniels//Getty Images)

(Photo by Jonathan Daniels//Getty Images)

Los Angeles is a culinary bastion of awesome food, most notably our enviable Mexican cuisine. While the modern nacho isn’t exactly classic Mexican fare, where there are herbal medicinals of the Snoop Dogg-appreciated variety, there are nacho connoisseurs.

For every Macho Nacho Man, there is a nacho average cheese and tortilla percentage that makes the popular party platter into a veritable feast for the godliest of men.

Some people are all about the chips; others are choosy cheese fiends. Some like to eat jalapeno-loaded nachos at games; others wouldn’t touch that fake orange goo. You see? Thinking about nachos is really intense.

That’s why LA Weekly rounded up their 10 favorite nacho places, which included favorites like Plancha and Panchos Tacos, vegan nachos at Doomie’s Home Cookin‘, and gourmet-ish nachos at Loteria Grill and Tinga.

Here at JACK FM, we are equal-opportunity nacho loves. We will eat just about any nacho at any time of day. Only thing better? Burritos and pizza. Put that holy trinity together and now we’re talking a electric chair meal.

What are some of your favorite nacho places in Los Angeles?


–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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