The Cult Of The McRib Celebrates Early Release Date

Merry Christmas from McDonalds. Your gift? The early release of the McRib sandwich: December 17, just days before the end of the world on the 21st. Thank goodness for small indulgences before the apocalypse.

It’s not often that a sandwich achieves cult status, with fans drooling over its release date like it’s the new record from the world’s biggest rock band. But here we are in 2012, and the McRib’s followers are as devout as ever.

Here are some other famous cults, you know, to help you get into the holiday spirit. Help us decide which one JACK FM should join next.

  • Branch Davidians
  • Heaven’s Gate
  • Church of Scientology
  • Every Gym in Los Angeles
  • Raider Nation

-Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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