Thanks To These New Coffins, You Can Even Listen To JACK FM On The Other Side

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Photo by Darren Hauck//Getty Images

Photo by Darren Hauck//Getty Images

Can’t imagine your life without music? What about your death? Not to be morbid, but the ancient Egyptians believed that you should be buried with the things you love. For us that would be pizza, kittens, Jack White,  and our fancy-shmancy new JACK FM ugly Christmas sweater shirt. The thing is dope.

For you, it might mean pumping in the Grateful Dead or the Foo Fighters non-stop forever or having your family and friends being able to remember you by adding a song to your coffin playlist.

Your what, you may be asking. Yes, your coffin playlist. The Catacombo company is selling coffins outfitted with some bumpin’ speakers perfectly engineered for the unique acoustics inside the coffin.

What songs would you like to listen to for the rest of your life, errrrrr, eternity?


–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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