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Nope Or Dope: In Honor Of Skrillex’s 25th Birthday, A Cockatiel Sings Dubstep

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Photo by Sam Panthaky//Getty Images

Photo by Sam Panthaky//Getty Images

If your boss, shrieking toddlers, or life in general hasn’t tortured you enough today, JACK FM is here to remedy that. For just a couple soul-sucking minutes of your life, we’d like you to watch a cockatiel named Harvey sing dubstep.

Our first thought is, ‘How is that even done when dubstep is just noise? How does a bird sing noise?’

Well, after remembering that canary our mom had in high school that we “accidentally” let free and watching this video, we now know that it is indeed possible for a bird to make the most horrific noise that ever happened to sound.

Happy Birthday Skrillex! Thanks for ALL you’ve contributed to…music?


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