Meanwhile In Southern California: Guy Who Voiced Charlie Brown Arrested For Stalking & Death Threats

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Photo by Timothy Clary//Getty Images

Photo by Timothy Clary//Getty Images

In the infamous comic strips, Charlie Brown is a well-meaning little boy with an amazing beagle (really, can any cartoon dog compare to Snoopy?) and a permanent case of bad luck. Well, that bad luck might be rubbing off on the man who voices the animated Charlie Brown character.

The Peanuts actor, Peter Robbins, has gone a little nuts and was recently arrested in the San Diego area with five felony charges including death threats and stalking.

56-year-old Robbins, who started doing Charlie Brown’s voice at the tender age of 9 before stalking and death threats, was being help on $550, 000 bail at the San Diego County jail.

No word whether or not the little red-headed girl will be going through with the charges.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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