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Guinness World Record Set By Synchronized Mascots Dancing In Guess Where…

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Photo by Astrid Stiawarz//Getty Images

Photo by Astrid Stiawarz//Getty Images

Nothing cheers us up more than happy-go-lucky absurdist antics, the kind of cute quirkiness that the Japanese have pretty much patented. So, if you’re feeling down, just watch this video of 134 mascot characters doing synchronized dancing to “The Beard Dance” by The Drifters for five minutes, thus breaking the record for number of mascots, or yuru-kyara in Japanese, dancing in unison.

At the end, when they find out they’ve succeeded, the little plushies hug and high-five to Queen’s “We Are The Champions.”

This is just an average day for these guys. WHY CAN’T THIS BE AN AVERAGE DAY FOR JACK FM?

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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