Sex Doesn’t Burn As Many Calories As You Think

But we a have a simple solution

Every cloud has a silver lining, right? You’re darn right it does, even when the cloud is a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that claims the average sex act only burns about 21 calories.

The study, according to, contradicts the long standing belief that sex is calorie burning workout. The problem is most of those claims are based on sex over a one hour period. This new study, however, works off an average time span of about six minutes, which is about five minutes… Well, never mind.

So what’s the silver lining in this story, you ask? Simple: if the old assertions are based off sexual encounters lasting about an hour, then that means in order for you to enjoy the full calorie burning benefits of sex, your sexual encounters should last an hour. Or in other words, more, longer lasting sex is the solution.

JACK FM, silver lining heroes.

-Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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