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4 Best Bet JACK-Tivities For This Weekend

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I LIKE TO DO THE THINGS I LIKE TO DO. And if you too like to do things, then maybe you should check out one of the following, 4 Best Bet JACK-Tivities of this weekend (February 8th-10th-2013)….

55th Annual Grammy Awards
138864643 4 Best Bet JACK Tivities For This Weekend
Sunday Feb.10th @ the Staples Center– 8pm (TV broadcast on CBS)

The yearly love fest with our musical artists is on for this Sunday on CBS, live from the Staples Center. You can see it on TV starting at 8pm on CBS but if you wanna stalk Katy Perry in person, I would suggest getting down to Staples Center way early. Like noonish.

For more info on the Grammy’s, GO HERE


the Los Angeles Bacon Festival
103420412 4 Best Bet JACK Tivities For This Weekend
Saturday, Feb.9th @ the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA- 2-6pm

It’s a damn shame if you got one of them gods that won’t let you eat pork because the Los Angeles Bacon Festival is on for this Saturday from 2-6pm. And yeah, this current bacon craze that’s swept the nation over the last couple of years is borderline obnoxious but that doesn’t change the fact that bacon is delicious and a festival dedicated to that deliciousness certainly falls under the banner for Best Bet Jack-tivities.

For more info on the LA Bacon Festival, GO HERE

2013 Los Angeles Boat Show
159928404 4 Best Bet JACK Tivities For This Weekend
Wednesday Feb.6th-Sunday Feb.10th@ the LA Convention Center AND Burton Park in Marina Del Rey

You know how your cat is always talking about buying a boat? Well, he can git r done so to speak this week at the LA Boat Show. Two locations for said boat show, the LA Convention Center AND at Burton Park in Marina Del Rey. Cause I know you ALLLLLLL have a knot of expendable income burning a hole in your collective pockets.

For more info on the LA Boat Show, GO HERE


Carly Rae Jepsen Magazine Signing
156672756 4 Best Bet JACK Tivities For This Weekend
Friday Feb.8th @ the Barnes Y Noble Bookstore at the Grove in LA- 5pm

Yeah. This is about as flimsy as it gets for a TRUE JACK-tivity but since I will never convince Kevin that JACK FM should play Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, this is as close as I’ll ever get so I’m taking it. Carly will be signing copies of Seventeen magazine starting at 5pm.
In retrospect, I probably should have included the PBR Rodeo Tour coming to the Honda Center this weekend, or the Monster Truck Jam at Angels Stadium on Saturday, but alas, you’re getting Carly Rae Jepsen AND YOU’LL LIKE IT.

For more info on this Carly Rae Jepsen whatever, GO HERE

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