Santa Monica, Where The Streets Are Paved In…Green?

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Photo by Gabriel Bouys//Getty Images

Photo by Gabriel Bouys//Getty Images

When you got Santa Monica, it’s like a totally different city than just south of the 405. The sun shines a little brighter, the gorgeous MILFs all wear yoga pants at Whole Foods and buy organic baby food, and the homeless are a little bit cleaner.

That’s because Santa Monica is run by a bunch of hippies, which isn’t good or bad, but it definitely makes Santa Monica different than say, ummm, Skid Row?

Now, the hippies have implemented a “Complete Green Street” down the vast expanse of Ocean Park Boulevard reports LAist.

The painted green bicycle lane portion of the Ocean Park Boulevard is aimed at making streets better for bikes, pedestrians, and the environment crazy eco-friendly water filters, a buncha new trees, landscaped medians, wider sidewalks, bike racks, street furniture and more.

Hippies. Can’t live with them and our planet would probably go down in a fiery dirty flames without them.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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