New Zealand Woman Dies After OD’ing On Coke…Coca-Cola That Is

Caffeine, sugar, and a buncha weird chemicals are bad for you? Hmmm. Better stop drinking this go-go juice. A New Zealand woman unfortunately learned that lesson a little too late when she died from a coke-induced cardiac arrest.

Three years ago, Natasha Harris died at the age of 30-years-old and a coroner has ruled that drinking too much Coca-Cola was a “substantial factor” to her death given that she drank 10 liters of coca-cola a day. That’s 11 times more sugar and twice the amount of caffeine that’s recommended daily.

While Coca-Cola said that their product was not responsible for her death, Harris’ family said she was addicted to Coca-Cola, getting “the shakes” and going crazy if she couldn’thave it. Her teeth were even removed because of the Coca-Cola.

“The fact she had her teeth extracted several years before her death because of what her family believed was Coke-induced tooth decay, and the fact that one or more of her children were born without enamel on their teeth, should have been treated by her, and by her family, as a warning.”




–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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