10 Best Things To Dip In Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

50791852 10 Best Things To Dip In Chocolate For Valentines Day

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7. Berries. The best way to create and enjoy chocolate dipped berries is the following: Take a stroll through the woods with your honey, bring a camelpak filled with liquid chocolate, pick some berries, shove-em in the camelpak, and you’ll have a portable Valentine’s treat. Think outside the box guys. The thrill is what the holiday is REALLY is about.

6. Waffle Cones. Fresh baked (preferably Ben & Jerry’s) waffle cones are delectable as it is, but chocolate…dipped…waffle…cones are a step into a different dimension.

5. Frozen Chocolate Dipped Oranges…hate if you want…but one can enjoy the citrus, vitamin-c filled fruit and feel good about themselves after reading the first two options…just saying.

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