10 Best Things To Dip In Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

55707863 10 Best Things To Dip In Chocolate For Valentines Day

4. Marshmallows. Wait no…Nuts. Wait no…marshmallows dipped in chocolate with nuts on top. Score!

3. Nanners. Once again, a healthy option for you pansies attempting to “get fit for the spring/summer”. Take it from The Stones or the Specials and be a “Monkey Man”. Frozen chocolate covered bananers are a definite aphrodisiac that your monkey woman is sure to enjoy.

2. Chocolate Donuts. If you’re a cop, you’ll appreciate this one. Not only do you receive your daily intake of dough and sugar, you also get it dipped in chocolate. Okay possibly you can have a topping on it as well but that’s as far as we’ll go. Okay fine we’ll give you Dr. Cranfill dipped in chocolate, while eating a chocolate covered donut, while drinking chocolate out of a camelpak.


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