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Will Harrison Ford Be Coming Back As Han Solo?

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Photo by Paul Herbert//Getty Images

Photo by Paul Herbert//Getty Images

According to the Latino Review and some unidentifiable source, Harrison Ford, the actor who popularized the character of Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise will gallop off his curmuedgeon ranch and into the atmosphere once more to reprise his role in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII.

Recently, the franchise was picked up by amazing television and movie sci-fi writer J. J. Abrams and LucasFilms and the Mouse (Disney) combined right around the same time that Mr. Harrison gave his little lady Calista a kiss on her small pale forehead and told her, “This horse is leaving town.” Or just open to filming another Star Wars film. Same thing. Whatever.

So, this is all RUMORS, but could Harrison Ford be coming back to Star Wars as Han Solo?  ‘Round here at JACK FM, we’re crossing toes, fingers, and tails.


–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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