Robot Combat League? Sign JACK FM Up NOW

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Yea yea yea…..the classic Rock Em Sock Em Robots will always have a place in our collective hearts. But it looks like SYFY is upping the ante tonight with the premiere of Robot Combat League at 10pm. How so you ask? Well, what if I were to tell you they’ve replaced the classic, plastic red and blue robots with REAL, SUPER-MAN SIZED FULLY FUNCTIONAL METAL ROBOTS CONTROLLED BY ACTUAL PEOPLE?!!!!! AND it’s hosted by WWE legend Chris Jehrico? Sign JACK FM up.

Here, watch the trailer.

AMAZEBALLS is one word that comes to mind. Looks like they figured out how to actually create those robots from the Fight for Zion scene in Matrix Revolutions. (Sans the machine guns)

Here is a reminder if you forgot what that looked like.

In further retrospect, why was I, Dr. Cranfill, not cast for this? That’s it. I’m firing my imaginary agent.

Robot Combat League premieres TONIGHT, on SYFY, 10p/9c/whatever Hawaiian.

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